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The Gorgeous Guppy


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted Jun 27, 2016

After having enjoyed our experience with the Platy fish, we decided to try our hand with another type of livebearer fish, the Guppy. This fish is even more colorful and beautiful than the Platy, and the males were exceptionally breathtaking. The fish came in colors as varied as the rainbow, although our particular ones were different oranges and reds.

As we experienced with our Platys, the Guppies were very easy to breed, even though we never intended to breed them for ourselves. This time around, however, we didn't go crazy like we did with our Platys, and simply let Mother Nature take its course, didn't separate the pregnant females or the fry, and let whatever happened, happen.

At one point, our Platy tank was dwindling, and the population was decreasing rapidly due to aging and deformities. Sadly, over the time that we had Platys there were numerous fry born with obvious deformities, and they eventually died off quickly. Well, that is when we decided to integrate another species, in hopes that the tank would regain some of its original, shimmery colors.

We introduced the guppies since we knew that both species got along very well. And, they did! We never had a problem with either species, and we were able to enjoy the tank, spending countless hours watching it as though it were a TV.

The Guppies did breed as well, but not as frantically or quickly as the Platys, and none of the fry ever did make it to maturity. In any case, the whole point of this tank was not to breed, since we refused to go through that experience again.

Overall, guppies are very easy to care for, happily ate their fish flakes and blood worms, gobbled up glass worms, and contentedly swam around and around. They would be just perfect for individuals looking for some excitement in their aquariums, or for beginners looking for a fish to start with.

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