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7201, Austria

Posted Jan 13, 2016

I purchased 2 guppies a few months after first getting my aquarium. I bought them at a local pet store. After the first two died, I bought several more.

Guppies are small, but very visible due to their brightly coloured tail fins. I remember one of them had a black and orange tail fin, which looked very much like a flame when he/she swam. They're very nice to look at.

I found them very easy to take care of. They were not picky, did not fight (as far as I can remember) and could always be seen swimming about together and generally being pleasing to the eye. I never attempted to breed them.
Seeing as they are fish and I did not like tapping on the glass to scare them, my interaction with them was limited.

-Warning: Possibly off topic-

The one health problem I encountered with some of them was ichthyophthiriosis. (It is apparently common in freshwater fish and not at all specific to guppies. It is easily recognisable due to very visible white dots on the fins and body.) Several of my fish died of it. This has nothing to do with guppies specifically, but I don't know where else to leave this bit of advice, so here goes:
After several of the fish died, we bought a small tank where we'd put "new" fish to see whether they'd brought any diseases from the pet store. After a few days of observation, we'd put them into the tank with the other fish. I don't know whether this was distressing to the fish in any way, but we thought it was better than the entire tank catching the disease and dying.

Back to the topic at hand:
I was very happy with my guppies. I wanted an aquarium to be able to look at pretty fish, and guppies are a perfect fit for that. The ones that did not contract the aforementioned disease had no health problems and lived relatively long lives (I can't remember the exact amount of time. The numbers I entered on when I worked with this fish are pretty much random, this was around 10 years ago, so I unfortunately can't provide any specific information on lifespan) They were easy to take care of. I have since given up on the aquarium, but if I were to get another, I would definitely want guppies in it.

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