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Gilda the Golden Angelfish (AKA Gilda the Terrified)


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted Sep 08, 2016

I've never had a more timid angelfish! Gilda was terrified of her own shadow, the other angelfish, the bubbles from the bubble wand, the larger food flakes...basically, anything that moved. I have no clue how she became so timid, but I'm assuming she was picked on by the more dominant angelfish, most probably because she was such a tiny little thing.

We had lots of problems with Gilda. At first, I thought perhaps it was a trait of her species, but once I looked online I realized it was just the way Gilda was. She had lots of trouble interacting with the other angelfish, and spent most of her time either alone, hiding behind plants, or hanging out with the smaller tetras.

She was also always getting herself into trouble, and I'd have to come along and save her. I remember she would often get caught in places: behind a rock, behind the wood, tangled in the clusters of plants...it was endless. She would spook so easily, just like our silver hatchetfish, and just go nuts, swimming frantically, aimlessly throughout the tank until she found a hiding spot.

In the end, unfortunately, it was her undoing. One morning I awoke to find her caught between the aquarium glass and a log, and she was very weak, with most of her fins already nibbled on. I had placed her in the floating emergency tank, but within an hour or two she was already dead.

Aside from her nervous nature, she was an excellent eater, but would often eat the tiny bits off the bottom of the tank or the ones that were sitting on plants and objects. She did love her freeze dried blood worms and glass worms, and would get quite courageous when I would give everyone frozen food, sometimes even swimming up to the top where the other angelfish where (GULP!).

Would I recommend an angelfish? Yes, absolutely. However, since I'm not entirely sure if her skittish tendencies was a "gold" trait, I'd probably stay away from them, especially if you're new to freshwater fish...just in case.

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