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My sweet Rosy & Rick


11571, Egypt

Posted Jun 19, 2014

Having a pet is one of the best ways to learns responsibility. My mom got me a fish tank when I was about 5 years old so I don’t remember much about that time. When I was in college I decided that I would like to have a pet fish so I bought 2 gold angelfish. They were very easy to take care of.
I used to feed them flakes or pellets twice a day and clean the tank once every morning. I have no idea if they were male or female fish the man at the pet store couldn’t tell because they were still young. For some reason they died suddenly and until this day I have no idea why. Maybe they needed to mate but they were either the same gender, or the water’s temperature and PH levels could have been wrong. On the other hand maybe I just gave them too much to eat.
I don’t know how they act around other fish since I didn’t have a large fish tank. I just had the two of them. What I do know is that they would come near my side of the tank when I tapped on it with my nails. They also like to hide from time to time. I had them in a small round tank with colored pebbles on the floor and a few weeds.
I believe that fish are ideal pets if you don’t want a noisy pet. They are also great to watch for relaxation. They are wonderful with kids as you don’t have to worry about bites or scratches or any kind of diseases. I also think that fish are an excellent way for children to learn responsibility while they are still young. It is easy to allow children to feed the fish (under supervision) and maybe clean the tank after the parents empty it.
I loved having fish and I am sad that they did not live long. My next step is to get a pet fish and see what happens. Maybe I’ll do things differently and start with just one and move from there when I get the hang of it. I also like the idea because I have a son and would like to teach him how to be responsible for another life and treat it well.

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