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California, United States

Posted Nov 09, 2012

The Debelius Reef lobster also known as the Purple reef lobster is a great addition to your tank. He is a true lobster and not a fresh water cray fish as sometimes he is mistaken for( if you ever have seen pictures of the Blue Cray , they do display a vivid blue color not mixed purple and red)

Again I have to put in my disclaimer that the Purple reef lobster is easy to care for if you already have a basic knowledge of salt water tanks and set ups.

That being said, when kept in the right conditions they will not only add color to your tank they will act as a member of the clean up crew getting rid of anything dead in your tank. They may accidently frag ( cut ) a coral so be warned.

It is not a good idea to keep 2 specimen together unless your tank is large or they are a mated pair. I have no experience in pairs so I can't help you there.

I have not seen any aggression towards any of my fish or snails or other crabs. He is the only lobster in this particular tank though.

Growing and Molting
After being fed yummy fish bits ( I use thawed fish) dipped in garlic my purple reef lobster molted a week after I had brought him home.This can be particular startling to the new lobster owner if they have never seen a lobster molt. It looks exactly like your lobster, but dead.

Home and Environment

Your lobster needs medium to coarse gravel bed. He likes little caves to sleep and hide out in. He also burrows, so be aware he will undermine the structural integrity of your rocks so check that first before you introduce your new guy to your tank.

After he molts make sure he has a safe place to hide, they tend to get shy because they are vulnerable at this time.

All in all even though he is a night feeder( I turn on the light to feed him and he comes out to feed just fine) you do get to see him when its feeding time or if you position the rocks afore time so that you can check on him.They are shy to begin with so nay sudden movement or noise near the tank will startle them back in to their cave. Gradually thought they began to trust that you are not wearing that lobster bib for them.

I have video that I am compressing to add to this review but I did add a photo of his molt before I removed it from the tank.Excuse the coraline algae.

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