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Large and peaceful tetras


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Posted Sep 04, 2014

Congo tetras are one of the largest commonly available tetras. They’re very similar in behavior and care to smaller tetras just on a much larger scale.

These substantive fish are sturdier looking than the neon type tetras. Like neons, they also have gorgeous iridescent scales, though their colors are more subdued. The males can develop beautiful flowing fins that make them relatively easy to sex when mature.

Congo tetras are extremely peaceful community fish that should be kept in schools of their own species or with other calm fish. Given the choice, they very much prefer the company of other Congo tetras. The two I kept were in a community tank with other fish, but always stuck together.

They can be nervous fish that are prone to hiding if kept with more intimidating species. However, when they feel safe, they swim out in the open where you can enjoy their full beauty.

The two I had seemed comfortable together, but I wouldn’t keep that few again. These fish are at their most spectacular when living in groups.

It does, though, take a much larger tank to be able to keep Congo tetras in groups. Even though the individual fish are relatively small, they are far larger than other tetras and are active schoolers that need room to swim as well as driftwood and vegetation real or fake.

They are fairly hardy fish and can be kept successfully in standard tropical aquarium conditions. Although, for optimal health or breeding Congo tetras do need soft water and regular water changes.

Congo tetras enjoy live food, but as long as you have captive bred fish, they do just fine with the standard dry and frozen foods. These active fish are hardy eaters as long as the aquarium doesn’t have fish that intimidate them.

If you’re looking for a larger schooling fish for a relaxing tank, Congo tetras are a truly beautiful choice.

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