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The Common Goldfish - How Much Do You REALLY Know About This Fish?


Cumbria, United Kingdom

Posted Jul 02, 2014

We all think we know how to handle a poxy little goldfish, right?  They seem like pretty boring pets to keep and I'm sure many of us have won a goldfish or ten at the fair.  All you have to do is dump them in a bowl and remember to feed and clean them, right?


Goldfish have been kept as pets for at least 4000 years and they have been bred so selectively over this time that there are now hundreds of different colours and types within this species.

What most people don't understand though is that goldfish SHOULD NOT be kept in a bowl or tiny tank.  It makes no sense, considering all of the specifically designed products that encourage you to do just this.  I want to tell you exactly why this is a  terrible idea, just because it CAN survive in that environment it doesn't mean it is healthy for it.  The Common Goldfish can reach up to 12 inches long, so it will easily outgrow any bowl.  When people say 'a goldfish will only grow to the size of their environment' it is total and utter rubbish.  Your goldfish will grow no matter what.

The second reason this is a horrible torture method for your fish is because Goldfish create a lot of waste.  In fact, goldfish don't actually have stomachs, so they should be fed little and often instead of one big load a day.  Their food pretty much goes in one end and out of the other.  In a small bowl or tank the mess quickly builds up until your fish is literally swimming in 'poo soup'.  These unhygienic living conditions make it very easy for your fish to get ill and (more often than not) die.

While I'm on the subject of goldfish myth busting, let's talk about the 'three second memory' lie.  Goldfish actually have memories if around three month long and they can recognise different faces, colours and shapes.  They also have excellent vision and can see UV and Infrared lights.

Goldfish should be kept in decent sized aquariums with adequate filtration.  There should be plenty of lighting and they should be fed several times a day.  Keeping goldfish in bowls and small tanks is cruel, so please make sure you can provide adequately for your pets needs.  If you're looks for a simple pet for small children you need to keep in mind the start up costs.

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