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Roanoke, Virginia, United States

Posted Jun 11, 2015

The Columbian Shark seems to be one of those fish that are always at the pet stores, often incorrectly identified and/or with misleading or incorrect information. The Columbian Shark is not a good fish to keep, for most of us. They usually get lumped in with the freshwater fish species but this fish is not purely a freshwater fish. It is actually a brackish water species as juveniles that will slowly need to be acclimated to a full saltwater tank as they get bigger. The potential adult size of this fish is also often misrepresented. They can reach 20 inches (51 cm) or more in size if taken care of properly. I almost lost my boy due to being misinformed. Once you have all the right information, though, they really can be wonderful companions. I fed mine live fish, but they do sell pellets for them, I believe. They are scavengers by nature, so drop in some sinking shrimp pellets or catfish pellets when the lights are turned off and let them scavenge around for them. Once in the proper environment, they are hardy and interactive. Mine came and greeted me every time I entered the room. Despite being aggressive towards all other fish, my fingers were only poked curiously and playfully when I sunk them into the water. They do require pretty big tanks, however, as they can grow kind of large and are very active. I should warn, however, Colombian Sharks have venomous dorsal spines, so be very careful when performing your tank maintenance. It's probably a really good idea to get some of those long rubber aquarium gloves. I learned this fact about them the hard way! They can be up to a 20 year commitment, so PLEASE, do your research. They can be rewarding, but you can also kill them if you just trust what the store has to tell you. Or you can find yourself in way over your head!

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