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United Kingdom

Posted Jul 09, 2013

My two bolivian rams are probably my favourite fish in the tank. Ive had them for about 8 months now and seem happy as ever. The thing i found about rams is that the hardest part is acculating them to their new surroundings. The first day i brought them home they both spread to a corner of the tank and stayed still for ages. I rarely seen them move for about 4/5 days, i thought something was up and was sure they wouldn't make it, but as the days went on they started to perk up and explore the tank. Well 8 months on they are completely settled a great addition to my tank.
Bolivian rams are great fish to just watch for hours. They can get quite shy so its best to have a tank with a few hiding places for them. Alot of people like to start off with 6/8 young bolivian rams and raise them up together, then at a certain age they pair up and you can just remove then unpaired ones out the tank. I only bought 2 rams from the pet shop and luckily enough they paired up within a few months. I noticed the female laying alot of eggs on a rock in the tank, but havent been lucky enough to remove the eggs because the other fish in the tank tend to eat them.
Overall these are stunning little fish, lovely colours and very active fish. They tend to be great in community tanks although ive noticed they fight alot which each other, but nothing major. With them being a pretty active fish, i wouldn't have a pair in anything smaller than around 15g. Must have fish for any tank, 9/10 from me :)

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