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Posted Apr 29, 2015

Andy is my first blood parrot. I found him at a fish store alone in a tank with a clearance sticker on the tank. When I asked about him I was told that because he's tan with black spots instead of the usual orange they were trying to get rid of him. I later found out that they are colored that way as babies and then turn color as they age. Andy has lost all of his black spots and is now starting to turn a beautiful pale orange color. He was very, very timid for the first month I had him and he'd hide behind the filter whenever I came into the room. Now he races up to the side of the tank when I come in. Even though he's alone in the tank, he does seem to like having plenty of hiding spots so decorate your tank accordingly. Also, they do need a big tank - they can get really big.

Andy is in a tank by himself because he eats very slowly due to his mouth shape and my Danios would gobble up the food before he had a chance to eat. He also likes a warmer tank than my other fish. I keep it at around 82-83 and that seems to suit him. His tank does get dirty faster than my other tank does, even with just him in it. Weekly tank cleanings of 20% are keeping his water safe when I test it.

Blood parrots are a type of Cichlid so he eats cichlid pellets. It was recommended that they are given shelled, thawed peas once every few weeks to prevent swim bladder. I have no idea if the peas have actually prevented any problems but Andy absolutely loves them. Because his mouth is small, they need to be broken into very, very tiny pieces to eat them.

There is some controversy about their breeding, as they are a man made species. I'm not sure I'll ever get another but Andy is a very good office companion with a very sweet personality.

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