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Posted Nov 19, 2014

I decided to get my parrot fish when I read that they can do well with Oscars, and I already had one Tiger Oscar. I started with just one parrot fish and got a second one just a few weeks later. They are pretty much best friends, they are almost always right next to each other in the tank almost like schooling fish. They also truly do really well with Oscars. After I had two Parrots for a while, I added another Oscar so I currently have 2 of each fish, and have never had any real problem between them. However, for a while my parrot fish would double team and pick on other smaller fish in my tank. They stopped that when I upgraded tanks (from 55 to 90 gallon). So they can definitely be territorial, but not if you have them in the right size tank.
Parrots are pretty easy fish to take care of. They're very hardy, they are the only cichlid that I haven't ever replaced out of the regular cichlids I keep normally. They deal with stress well, they survived a move that included an hour drive with them in buckets.
They're easy to feed, especially if you're someone who doesn't want to have to buy feeder fish. Their mouths are too small to eat fish, although they would like other smaller feeders like ghost shrimp. They like pellets, frozen foods like blood worms, and flakes.
My favorite thing about my parrots is they have great personalities and they interact with me. If I come by the tank, they follow me. If I try to take pictures of any other fish in the tank, they like to follow me around it and go right in front of the camera. They're attention hogs.
The main downside to Blood Parrots is that they are a man-made breed, so unfortunately it can be common to get fish with deformities. Luckily, I managed to get two perfect fish on my first try, even though I got them as babies. Some people don't like what they look like already, I think they are unique and silly, and I love the bright orange in my tank it really rounds out the colors of my fish, it especially compliments the orange in my Oscars. It even accents the colors of my decorations and gravel, which are mostly blues and purples.
They are really fun fish to keep and I recommend them to anyone who wants to have a cichlid tank, especially those who have Oscars and are looking for a compatible fish.

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