Black Phantom Tetra

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The Black Phantom (one of the coolest looking tetras out there!)


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted Jun 11, 2016

The Black Phantom Tetra fish was one of the first tetra-type species that joined our newly set up 65-gallon aquarium, some 7 years ago. Initially, my husband really wanted them because of the way they looked, as he thought they appeared to be a type of mini shark. Visually, they are quite unique and have a lovely "mysterious" coloring. In fact, they do seem to appear sort of like a cute, tiny shark. But, personality-wise, I'm guessing they're much friendlier than your typical great white!

As for their demeanor, black phantoms are both calm and curious. They get along with every type of fish we have ever introduced into the aquarium, and they are generally known to be easy, hardy community fish. They do require a school of their own kind, yet still do quite well within a group of other community tetras or rasboras. There have been times when, unfortunately, one by one, our black phantoms have died off, for whatever reason. At that time, we noticed that the last two remaining phantoms seemed perfectly fine on their own, without any behavioral issues at all. Perhaps, it was due to the fact that they were older fish, or, maybe it was simply their tetra character.

I find they really enjoy our bubble tubing, and I see them swimming around at times to circle and swim through the bubble curtain. Also, even though they are very social fish and like to move around the tank in a tight-knit group to discover every single nook and cranny, they seem fond of exploring the large tree root we have in our tank individually. They have a tendency to swim through it, single-file, as though racing through a maze.

Honestly, they're a very friendly and social fish, and would make a lovely visual addition to any community aquarium.

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