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Rocky The Black Moor.


Tennessee, United States

Posted May 29, 2013

My daughters wanted a goldfish so off to the pet store we went and as we looked at the numerous aquariums in the aquatic department my girls chose a little bulbous, black eyed fish. Reading the tag that was taped to the bottom of the tank which read: Black Moor, I decided to purchase one and take it home.
We set up an aquarium and placed the fish inside and as my daughters crouched around the tank, talked to the fish and tapped the glass with their fingers, my oldest daughter said, "His name is Rocky."
Rocky was an entertaining little fish as he swam around in his tank with his large popped out eyes and my girls loved him which made me wonder, just how long will Rocky live so I did some research.
I found out that black moors live between 5-10 years and love cool water with a temperature around 50 to 60 degrees, preferably the 60 degree mark. I also found out that black moor goldfish are not born with bulbous eyes like Rocky had; they develop this unique characteristic as they mature. The other feature to note is the eyes of this fish move sideways, and not upwards.
Almost always black, the fish may change their color to black, tinged with bronze as they age, and some may even undergo a transformation to rusty-orange on the undersides of their bellies.
They have metallic scales with a velvety appearance, which decreases with age and the depth of their body is almost 2/3rd of its length. The black moor goldfish are endowed with long, flowing, and delicate fins. The caudal fin is forked and rounded, and the pelvic, pectoral, and anal fins are long and paired. The dorsal fin is half the size of the depth of the body.
Despite having such big eyes, the fish has very poor eyesight. Its eyes are very delicate features, and you need to take extra care to see that they do not get damaged.
Under favorable circumstances, a black moor goldfish can have a life expectancy of 25 years, and grow up to 10 inches in length. Our Rocky lived to be the ripe old age of five years and when he died he had grown to a large size so giving him a bathroom funeral was not the way to go. My daughters put him in a box and my husband buried him in the back yard. I am sure Rocky would have preferred a burial at sea but I didn't want the plumber having to pull him out of the pipes.

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