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Posted Feb 04, 2016

I have had betta fish all my life, and was one of the first pets I got after my goldfish died. My current betta, Chai, is a bright red male, who I’ve had for about a year and a half now. He’s not very bright, as is with most fish, but he definitely has a personality. His favorite place to sleep is under the little plant in his bowl, so that a leaf covers him during the day. When I come home from work he swims out to say hello, and does a few slow circles around his bowl for me to see. Despite not being too smart, he’s a very proud fish.
Bettas in general, as is well known, should not be put in the same bowl unless it’s for breeding purposes, and even then require special bowls to prevent one from killing the other. They are very aggressive fish, and if you find that yours is not swimming around as much as he might, I would recommend putting a mirror to the bowl for a few minutes once or twice a day. When he sees his reflection, your betta will flare, which means he will fan his fins out and make himself look as big as he can. As long as you don’t do it for very long, this can be great exercise for your fish!
An issue that I have experienced with my betta, with Chai at least, has been a bit of constipation. If you begin to notice that your betta is having issues swimming, is tilted a bit, or begins to float to the top of his bowl without any effort, he may have swim bladder issues or constipation. The best way I’ve found to remedy this is to fast your betta for a day, and the next morning, smoosh a cooked pea between your fingers and feed it to him. Make sure that he eats at least a little bit of it, and if he doesn’t, fast for another day and try again. Also make sure that you are feeding your betta high-quality pellets rather than any kind of flaked food, as this can really stop up their system.
Overall, a great fish to own, if you like single fish or don't have much room for a complicated tank. Mine sits in my bedroom near the window and doesn't take up much room at all.

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