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Beta Fish: Great Travel Companions


United States

Posted May 30, 2015

As far as fish go, my betta was probably the best experience I have had so far. I got him in my freshman year of college, probably because I was homesick, and he lived all the way until my senior year! These fish are versatile, able to survive in anything from a fish bowl, to a smaller vase. They require very little maintenance, and need their water changed every week or so (If you have a filter they need almost no maintenance at all). They need to be fed about every other day, and can eat most store bought fish foods, although I have noticed that my betta fared better with flake food then he did with pellets. Traveling back and forth from college to home on breaks, I often would put my fish in a small carrying container and he would travel back and forth with me. None of these journeys effected him in the slightest, and he easily survived the time in the car. On a separate occasion (with a different betta), disaster struck when my fish tank fell onto the pavement during a transfer, and the fish spent about two minutes on the ground as I frantically looked for a container to put him in. The betta even recovered from that awful episode and was able to live another two and a half years, so I believe it's safe to say that this is not a fragile species of fish!
I would say the downside to this species is that they are very territorial and are not able to share a tank with any other fish, so if you're looking to add to an aquarium, these fish may not be for you. They also are not particularly gracious toward other types of animals in their environment, which I learned the hard way when I introduced some ghost shrimp into my betta's fishbowl-they only lasted a few days.
I would recommend this species to anyone who is in search of beautifully colored fish, and little to no upkeep. A great fish to buy as a snap decision without worrying about setting up an elaborate tank system. My betta was a great college companion!

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