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Rosie Posie


United States

Posted Apr 24, 2015

After having had goldfish for a couple of years with very little success in terms of longevity, we decided to fill our tank with one little female betta fish. She was honestly the cutest little fish I ever saw when we got her. All pink with delicate little features, Rose was the perfect fit for my family from the beginning.

As I already had the tank from the goldfish, all we had to do was buy some new rocks and plants for her tank, as well as a new filter and hide spot. Rose was a little princess and so we got her a princess carriage and pastel-colored plants. Also, we purchased a container of betta food, as their dietary needs differ from goldfish species.

My experience with betta fish is that they are definitely cleaner than goldfish. The only real issue that we dealt with was an overgrowth of algae on the glass of the tank. After speaking with a pet store employee, we decided to get a mystery snail. This helped exponentially with the algal growth and lessened the amount of time between full water changes and cleaning out of the tank.

Water filters had to be replaced every month or so and Rose was fed twice daily. She was never exposed to another fish of her species but she did have a snail friend and after our snail passed away, a butterfly loach friend. From what I have been told about betta species, they are aggressive and do not tolerate other fish that are of the same size or larger. Of course, the only experience I have with the betta species is of the female variety and there are tempermental differences, as to be expected.

Rose was very happy in her tank up until she had a full water change. A couple of days later, we noticed her breathing heavily at the bottom of the tank. I checked the pH level in her water and it was normal, so I decided to take her out of her tank and put her in a seclusion tank away from our butterfly loach who shared her tank. It was not shortly after Rose was moved to this tank that she passed away.

It was shocking to lose Rose, as I learned that betta are a very hardy species of fish if taken care of properly. The only guess I can make about what caused her passing is that her water change was not handled properly. I really cannot think of any other reasons that Rose would have died so prematurely. Suffice it to say, I do not believe that I will be getting any fish in the future as they never seem to thrive under my care.

I know plenty of friends that have fish and even saltwater aquariums that are constantly blossoming and living well. This has not been my experience with any fish whatsoever and as such, I believe that it takes a dedicated and very knowledgable person to have these animals, as their environment is vastly different from that of land-dwelling animals.

Fish are beautiful and peaceful creatures and I am in absolute awe of them. Sadly though, they did not work out in my home. I think that there are definitely people that can take awesome care of fish and I admire them for their ability to do so. I would advise anyone considering a betta to ask lots of questions from many different people in order to learn as much as possible about these fish. They are beautiful and so interactive. Have fun!

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