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Posted Nov 13, 2014

I have been the proud owner of several betta fish over the years. They are a great addition to any home, providing lots of color and life, without taking up too much space or requiring excessive maintenance. This particular betta, a large blue fan-tail, lived for nearly four years in my home. He was expressive and playful, and like most bettas, a little feisty and aggressive, too. The fish would "greet" us when we walked in the front door, swimming up to that side of the glass and wiggling to get our attention. He often jumped up to catch bits of food in his mouth, and liked to "rearrange his furniture," moving his shells and marbles into different formations and swimming in and out of them. I fed my fish the betta bio gold pellets regularly and the freeze-dried bloodworms as a treat a couple times a week. They were relatively easy to maintain. I did a ten percent water change weekly, and cleaned the gravel and little tank every 4-6 weeks. The most difficult part of maintaining their tank or bowl is making sure there isn't too drastic of a temperature change in the room. I lost my first fish on a cold night when our heater broke in the middle of the night and we didn't realize it until the morning after it was cold for a few hours. These are otherwise sturdy fish. I moved long distance with this one, keeping him in the original cup he came in from the pet store during the road trip and making sure he didn't get too hot or cold.
Bettas are excellent if you want fish, but don't have room for a large aquarium. They will often interact with you, just like our Bob did, which is fun for adults and kids alike. Sometimes, a downside of purchasing them in a big box store or large pet store is that they have been kept in very stressful conditions, which means that even though they are tough fish, they can sometimes be in poor health when you get them. In addition to providing them with a stable, clean environment, there are drops you can buy to add to the water that will help improve their health.
Overall, bettas are fun to care for and relatively inexpensive to keep.

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