Vertebrates - the fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - make up a mere 3% of earth’s creatures…all the rest are invertebrates! Yet aside from tarantulas, scorpions and some aquatic species, most have received scant attention from pet keepers. Happily for those who favor the creatures that actually run the world, that situation has changed radically in recent years. Invertebrates large and small, gorgeous and bizarre, many following lifestyles that can only be described as “other-worldly”, are being bred by hobbyists the world-over. Stick insects, walking leaves, snails, beetles, mantids, millipedes, centipedes, butterflies, ants, aquatic insects, vinagaroons, whip scorpions and many others, any of which can fill many lifetimes with wonder, are now easily-obtainable.

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