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Saltwater fish / inverts

The astonishing diversity and beauty of the sea’s fishes and invertebrates has captivated people from time immemorial, and we have attempted to keep them alive in captivity for nearly as long. Until fairly recent times, however, this was considered a difficult task, requiring expertise, large aquariums, and “deep pockets” – very deep pockets! Happily, today’s saltwater aquarium fans have far fewer concerns.

The availability of hardy, captive-bred fish and invertebrates, safe collection methods, and faster transportation has radically reduced prices and increased survival rates. Amazing advances in the science of keeping marine creatures, coupled with ever-improving equipment and diets, now enables even inexperienced hobbyists to keep, and sometimes breed, an array of creatures unseen outside their habitats not long ago. To be sure, research and care is still required - but we’re here to help with that! Please read our Group and Species Descriptions carefully, familiarize yourself with basic concepts (i.e. marine water chemistry), and you’ll be on your way to one of the world’s most exciting and fascinating hobbies…enjoy!