To date, nearly 3,600 snake species have been described, and there has been an explosion of interest in keeping them as pets. As a result, even well-experienced owners are sometimes confused by the staggering array of choices available – including some that were unknown in zoos not long ago! The task of organizing this bounty into groups that will assist you in making a choice that is right for both pet and pet owner is a daunting one, but we have persevered!

The species included in each of our Snake Groups are often related to one another, or, if not, are very similar in terms of their habits and care (i.e. the American and Asian Ratsnakes). Some groups, such as “Insect Eating Snakes” are made up of species whose needs are very different from those of more “typical” snakes. This should allow you to focus on a species that fits your interests, experience level, and lifestyle.

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