The dogs of the terrier group should be handled with care, knowledge, and respect. Unlike the hounds or the sporting group, terriers were specifically developed to hunt down nuisance animals like rodents and other digging animals like foxes or badgers. Their wiry coats and their somewhat feisty attitudes reflect the personality of breeds willing and able to literally dig into the earth to run down potentially dangerous prey like rats. Some of these breeds were eventually developed into pit-fighting breeds, and they have the powerful jaws to go with that heritage.

An abused dog from this courageous group can be dangerous, even to fully grown adults. You shouldn't even consider some of these breeds unless you're fully committed to properly training your terrier, and you have the knowledge to be a loving "alpha" who can take charge of the "pack" instead of allowing the dog to establish the boundaries. They are high energy, and you will need to work with them every day, not just when you're in the mood for a little exercise on the weekend.