The dogs of the non-sporting group are an assorted collection of purebred varieties that don't fit easily into any other category. They aren't hounds or terriers, they don't hunt or herd, and yet they can't be honestly described as toys. Some of the world's most popular dogs-- for example, the Poodle and the Dalmatian-- can be found in this group. Some of the other breeds, such as Shipperke and the Tibetan Spaniel, are quite rare.

The behavior is diverse too. A Chow Chow might be lion or catlike in its attitude toward strangers and its need for careful supervision around them. A Poodle, on the other hand, may love to be trained to perform tricks for its owner, even in front of a crowd. You should take extra care to educate yourself on the natural tendencies of the non-sporting breed you're interested in. It just doesn't make sense to overgeneralize about this group.