The hound group includes a diverse group of hunting dogs that can track and chase game but not actually retrieve it. Some of these dogs possess an ability to detect a scent so faint that it almost defies belief, while others were bred to hunt by sight. Most of them are extremely fast, and any group of top ten world's fastest dogs will include several of these breeds, including the Whippet, the Saluki, and the Greyhound, the well-known racing dog.

A number of these breeds were once developed for royal households around the world. In addition to being fast, many hounds look fast-- as slim and aristocratic as an expensively engineered race car.

But the loyal hound doesn't leave its humans in the dust. They tend to have a pack instinct, and they often bay (howl) to make sure everyone knows that the chase is on. While they do tend to be a diverse group when it comes to size and personality, their loyalty means that there are several choices in this category highly regarded for their eagerness to be our companions.