The Macaws are some of the most highly desired of all the pet parrots. These magnificent New World hookbills are coveted for their beauty, intelligence, and ability to speak, qualities that caused them to be collected as pets from the first days of the European colonization of Mexico, Central and South America. With great care, they can live to age 50 or even older. Their voices are often clear, but owners should not have unrealistic expectations, since most speaking Macaws usually say only a few words.

Macaws can be extremely gratifying pets capable of deep affection. However, they can be very loud, and some individuals can be sensitive or temperamental, so the would-be Macaw owner needs to learn about good parrot psychology and the best techniques for keeping the pet happy and healthy. You should not choose a Macaw without a lot of research, to find out if you're willing to provide the right home for a big, energetic bird that should live for decades.