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Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)


Texas, United States

Posted January 22, 2013

I have owned a yorkie for six years and have cared for countless yorkies at my job as a kennel attendant, internships at vet hospitals, and volunteer work at shelters. No one can make a blanket statement about a breed, as all individual animals are different, but my experience with yorkies has been nothing but good.


They are loyal, intelligent, playful, affectionate and brave dogs.
Grooming can be easy if you choose to keep the hair cut in a manageable length. Yorkies are the perfect hypoallergenic dogs, as they don't shed and have no dander (their hair is closer to human hair in texture than other dogs).
They are also very good watch dogs and bond strongly to their owners/family.
They are very energetic and will be up to any physical challenge.


Yorkies (especially purebred) are prone to luxating patellas (the "knee cap" occasionally gets pushed out of place and causes pain and discomfort. this usually rights itself on its own, but can require surgery if it becomes a severe issue. weight is also a factor that can attribute to a severe luxation.)
Another health issue is the collapsing trachea that causes "snorking". Sorking is a term used to describe the grunting sounds yorkies make when their trachea collapses. When they get over-excited or over-extended, this will happen. Usually it will fix itself right away if you just give your dog a break for awhile.

Some may find yorkies to be "too high strung". If you're looking for an easy going, lazy dog that will be your couch potato partner, this one is not it. All dogs are different, but yorkies require regular exercise and stimulation, otherwise barking and pestering may become a problem.

Grooming may be an issue if not taken care of regularly. If you keep your yorkie's hair cut short, you won't have any issues (this is what I prefer). If you're not into regular hair cuts, (or daily brushing if you choose to grow it out) this is not the dog for you.

Yorkies can be tons of fun, and although they may be small, they have BIG personalities! This is the perfect dog for those who want a big dog in a small size.

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