Yorkshire Terrier

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Acquired: Breeder (hobby breeder)

Gender: Female

Training: No training

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She'll lick you to death


73200, Poland

Posted January 8, 2017

She's my first dog ever and I couldn't be luckier, cause she's the sweetest little creature in the whole world. She loves people - every guest in the house instantly becomes her friend. However, she's not very fond of other animals and little children - she's usually scared of them or gets jealous if they become a center of attention, instead of her. Nevertheless, she never bites or gets in the fights - just growls at the intruder or simply ignores it. Sometimes I'm joking that she feels more like a human than a dog ;). In terms of her health - I have to say she's a pretty healthy doggy, except for the fact that she's got to take the supplements for joints, as she used to have problems with her hind paws. But it's all good now! Moreover, as I've said before - she's a very sweet dog who loves her family. She feels the happiest when we're all at home and she can nap on someone's lap or when I play with her hide and seek . She's pretty lazy, loves to sleep and doesn't require much activity (do not confuse with attention though ;)). Her only flaw is probably the fact that she's the biggest glutton in the world - she'll eat ANYTHING, always acting like she's starving, even right after her meal. Oh and she hates bath time. However everyone loves her, even strangers on the streets always stop to pet her, because no one can resist her wagging tail and smiley face :)

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