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British Columbia, Canada

Posted September 19, 2014

When we first got Chichi from the pet shop, we were told that she would likely only live for a few months. She was very tiny and didn't look so healthy and nobody wanted to buy her. We were glad to have lived with her lovingly for twelve years. She was a big part of our family.

Chichi was a loyal dog and fun to be with. She loved to act cute and prance around because she knew we all loved her and would pay attention to her. This is probably why we all called her a princess. She was certainly an independent dog and even a little selfish in a way.

One of her favorite activities was to go for a drive. Whenever she'd hear the keys to the car jingle, she would bark excitedly because she knew we were about to hit the road.

She didn't always want to play with you and wasn't much of a quick learner. She often seemed disinterested in fetching toys for instance. She was definitely not playful like a Jack Russell or a Dachshund. More like a show dog.

If you're going to own a Yorkshire Terrier than you better be prepared to do a lot of clean up. You constantly have to trim their hair unless you like the shaggy look. All of us in my family didn't like that look so grooming took a lot of work. But I can say from my experience that it was worth it. I wouldn't trade a single thing for every day of the twelve years I spent with Chichi.

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