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High Content Hybrids


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Posted April 29, 2009

If you want a high content wolf hybrid as a pet, I would not recommend it. The high amount of wolf (wild) blood in them makes them dangerous, though they are my favorite animals I must be honest. Their instincts can take over at any time. Small children can cause irritation or their sudden movements may make them seem like prey. Other dogs and strange people are NOT welcome on their territory. These are only for strong, spirited, patient, active people who have ALOT of room to roam. No less than 5 miles of territory for these guys. No-one in their right mind would break into a house knowing there is a high content hybrid there. They can be pretty greedy on food, but require little to no grooming and few if any baths. They are very social with animals they are raised with or with their mates. I have an Uncle in Alabama who owned 2 of these (I helped bottle raise the male and the female is mostly wild). They had 9 puppies about 2 years ago and I visit all of them every summer. I love them and you would too, but they are not for a first-time dog owner or someone with little room. Also, no small animals or children around them. They can also see some older children as prey so you have to keep a close eye on them. Don't just buy one on impulse because they are beautiful! These animals are not tame just because they have dog in them.

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