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Port Jefferson Station, New York, United States

Posted December 18, 2013

I don't own Begley - he belongs to my sister in law. But we have to deal with him every single Sunday for the rest of his life to keep peace in the family, because she brings this dog everywhere with her, including Sunday dinner. So it's the baby, the toddler and the barking hysteric every weekend for Sunday Funday.

To say that Begley is "difficult" is an understatement. He barks incessantly until you pay attention to him, but if you try to pick him up, he growls, snarls and bares his teeth. If he doesn't get taken for a walk every two hours, he will go right there on the floor, usually the kitchen tile but sometimes on the carpeting. He's a mooch, always underfoot and between your legs trying to get food from the table, which is a direct result of his owner treating him like a toddler for 3 years, from when he was a puppy til she had her first baby. She would like him to stop it now, but it's a little late in the game for that. He climbs on empty dining room chairs as if he's waiting for a plate. And he WILL grab food from the table if he's not shooed off the chair.

On extremely odd thing about Begley: he goes completely ballistic if you sing "Happy Birthday" in his presence. Just "Happy Birthday." He barks like a fiend. And you can change the words and keep the tune and he won't bark. You can put the words to other music: nothing. We've never figured this out.

Begs also has a lot of physical problems. He shakes, and is on Valium and steroids for that. He also suffers from abdominal hernias.

His owners bring him for grooming once a month, but Begley will roll in the mud five minutes after he gets out of the car. He's got to be supervised with the children at all times, because they are too young not to pull on his ears or his tail and he has a tendency to snap.

Admittedly and adorable breed, this is not one I would want for my own.

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