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My "Sweet", Loving Mixed Rottweiler Experience


Florida, United States

Posted January 17, 2016

He was the friendliest dog alive to me, and I will never forget him.

He always loved to meet people close up. Mostly because this dog, was a free dog. He wasn't an inside dog. And that was one of my favorite things about him because he would NEVER poop in our yard, or anyone else's. It was always funny to catch him jump over the gate, walk around and go tend to business.

I felt bad at the same time because he would never give us a hint that he had to go.

I don't remember the last time I had to walk him because he would walk himself out all the time. NOBODY in the neighborhood was bothered by him once. He would mind his business if they minded theirs.

I even got mad at him when he walked up to others, though because he would never think to hump on anybody else but us. Not even a sniff while they'd pet him. Ever since he arrived it was "hump first, sniff later". First years with him were bad because of his excessive humping. He had to stay outside because of this.

Certain body movements to him meant you wanted him. The ultimate means for him to get on you were if you just stood there. He felt the connection even if you weren't paying attention to him, too!

Then he started to jump the gate and would follow us to wherever we were going. I OBLIVIOUSLY thought it was the coolest thing ever. I admit I wasn't thinking straight.

He had gotten so attached to us that no matter how tight we tied the leash to the tree, how high me and my brother had to build a very temporary fence, he would break his neck, jump from the tallest mountain, run through the craziest streets to follow us (even when we would use a taxi. He could never catch up with one). It WAS cute firstly, but it got out of hand.

We would literally pedal to the metal hoping we got far fast enough for him to not see us "if" he didn't try to go after us....NEVER fast enough.

My God, the force of his paws hitting the ground as he ran up to us each time after was dreadful. He was stupid-happy every time he caught up to us. If he didn't see us, he would go back. We had to hide so many times, and ride back to tie him back up inside.

Followed us into stores...Rain...Wet dog smell...Chase...All over, around and under stores' clothes. I'm already dying "no humor intended"

He was also a gourmet dog; he hated crunchies. He would still eat it, but half would usually not get eaten up and thrown away. Thankfully, he wasn't a slobber dog. Never a drop or hint of slobber when he saw that can of savory beef. He wouldn't let you leave if he saw you with it. But he wouldn't whine if you did.

Bathing him....

Bathing. Him.

He stank bad whenever he got wet, but he hates baths. I hated to bathe him because he would shake his dirty suds on me. i felt he'd do that on purpose. It took me a while to figure out how he would get crazy-fast dry after I would let him loose to get a towel. Then I finally understood why he dug that hole in the ground.

He would literally and hastily drag, twist, grind, roll, in that dirt hole after me bathing him. He would taunt me too. Literally, playfully growl while doing so.

Ah, this dog. I hated him, but loved him "slightly" more at the same time (a lot more).

He was a mix of a Rottweiler and Cocker Spaniel...Or so we thought.

5 months ago we got his medium-long, wavy fur shaved and it was truly obvious he was a mix of a Rottweiler and German Shepherd.

He had died naturally of age right around New Year of 2016. He was 18 by then. I still deny it because I still can't believe it.

I've had 2 other dogs, but this one was the funnest and most enjoyable one. I can NEVER forget him.

I still can't explain why i felt and still feel these good things about him when he was so annoying, but he was and is still the best experience of a dog I ever had.

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