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Little Nervous Wrecks


United States

Posted July 3, 2013

I've worked with these dogs before in doggie day care. I was very quick to come to an idea of what this breed was like - nervous wrecks! They are very high strung dogs, from my experience, and one was so nervous that when a bull dog lunged at him, he jumped out of the way and nearly took me out at the knees!

Appearance: They have a beautiful coat color, a more natural look to their form, their tails are docked, and their ears flop over. They have eyes that I swear stare into your soul!

Temperament: As I said, they are nervous little dogs. Every one that I met had some form of shyness/nervousness to it. One was a little shy aggressive and needed to have someone familiar work with her, while another stayed by my side constantly, as though the world was out to get him! The third I worked with was more independent, though he certainly did seem stressed just to be among other dogs.

Trainability: I didn't do much training with them, but they were eager to please, and I think depending on how nervous they were at the time, they could probably pick something up easily.

Overall activity level: They have a lot of energy pent up in them. But they are hunting dogs - they would make a good a good walking/running partner! Just be aware of your surroundings, lest they knock you down and into the street in a moment of fear.

Barks a lot: I didn't have this problem with the dogs. More, I had whining as an issue.

Health and Vigor: Their stress nature can't be good for them. Although, I believe they are prone to hip dysplasia.

Friendly: I'm just going to combine all of these as I didn't have that much interaction with the breed. Seeing as I was a stranger to these dogs, I would say it depends on the nervousness of the dog. For example, as one dog was shy aggressive, she needed to be taken care of only by people who she knew or got to know. The other two, however, were just happy to see another human around. They should probably be watched on play dates with other dogs, but over all, they seem like they can hug the line of overly-friendly-to-a-fault to too-nervous-to-get-near.

Watchdog/guard dog ability: I'm speculating, now, but I think the dogs would be the kind to bark at a potential threat, then hide behind the owner when the threat gets near.

Easy to Groom: They have short fur, so relatively low-maintenance. They would just need a good wash every once in a while.

Low Cost to Own: Vizsla, as with most pure breds, come prone to certain health problems that can effects them in later life, hip dyslplasia being one of them.

Overall, I see these dogs being nervous around new people and maybe other dogs, but good one on one. Depending on the temperment, they could probably make good family pets as long as the children are old enough to not be screaming all the time. They are cute dogs, and big enough to be properly huggable!

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