Treeing Walker Coonhound

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Male

Training: N/A

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I love this hound.


Virginia Beach and Waynesboro, Virginia, United States

Posted June 24, 2009

Buck is a great friend. He is a happy, energetic, friendly dog. He learns very quickly and eagerly. I only gave him a 4 for the friendly with small children only because he is still a puppy and gets excited to play. He hasn't yet, but we definitely see him bumping into and knocking down our 4 year old. But he does settle down after a few minutes. He does like to bark some when we play with him, but he does stop when we ask him to. The only interest he has with the front door is he wants to play outside alot. He shows no interest in the doorbell or knocking until someone comes in and he thinks they're a new playmate. However I'm sure he would be an excellent guard dog if we decided to train him to do so. He absolutely LOVES his toys. The stuff duck that quacks is his favorite, but we cannot give him stuffed toys anymore because he likes to chew them up quickly. He us just as happy with cow hooves and balls and anything you'd like to give him. Also other animals (dogs, cats, ect) are just playmates. He shows no agressiveness towards anything or anyone. Lastly, he loves to cuddle. He does not realize he's nearly to big to be a lap dog. I would definitely recomend this pet to first time dog owners (that enjoy walks and playtime). He is a healthy, happy, easy to train, loving little boy.

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