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Tenterfield Terrific


United States

Posted April 5, 2016

After my beloved Shih Tzu passed away, I was hesitant about getting another dog. I had settled on getting a Blue Heeler because of the movie Mad Max, but I ended up getting a different Australian breed. My Tenterfield terrier mix, Dublin, is spunky and full of energy whenever I play with her. She prefers being outside. I immediately noticed her independent nature and intellectual reserve when it came to learning commands and tricks. She learned how to sit, roll over, and lay down quite quickly. Dublin behaves well with the dogs she grew up with and is always interested in meeting other dogs. She likes to run around but also likes to lay at my feet or beside me. Her bark sounds like a loud yap and sometimes a slight scream-like. It's different from other dogs I have had in the past. I would describe it as a high-pitched howl. It's funny to hear. She alerts me to certain noises at night and whenever someone is at the door. I always make sure Dublin is entertained somehow because she'll tear up anything around her when she gets bored. When it comes to smaller animals, I HAVE to keep them away from her. My chicken, when she was newly hatched, would have easily been a chew toy for Dublin. I'm sure that goes with small family pet mice and guinea pigs. When it comes to grooming, it is super easy. Her coat is short and incredibly soft. I enjoy her company. She's such an awesome dog:)

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