Standard Schnauzer / Labrador Retriever Mix

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My First Dog, a rescue Schnauzer/Lab/mix


United States

Posted December 9, 2014

One day my fiance decided he wanted to go to the shelter and look at dogs. He was a dedicated dog person and my cats were not giving him the affection he needed. We had just moved to a house with a yard so I decided it was an ok time to accept a dog into our lives. We went to the shelter and were looking for a puppy as to hopefully integrate a dog with the cats better, there she was sweet and adorable. They said she was a 6 month old, poodle/cocker spaniel mix, although it was apparent that she was neither strongly poodle or cocker spaniel. When we got home and all she did was wake up and pee everywhere with no knowledge of how to hold her bladder it was obvious that she was no where near 6 months old and much closer to 3 or 4 months.

Now armed with a better idea of how to proceed housebreaking her we used crate training when we weren't home and at night, and after the stairs completely defeated her it worked out easily to keep her downstairs and the cats could have the upstairs when they were done with her. We didn't have an in fenced yard so she would go out on a lead or for walks. All in all she was a great dog. We found out that when we took her to get her spay she had an umbilical hernia which was easily repaired but other wise she has had very little in terms of health needs. Her hair grows like crazy so she really needs to go to the groomers ever 3-4 months at the longest.

When she was legitimately about 6 months old my fiance left the state and his sister with 2 toddlers moved into my house. Still attempting to train a puppy with a strange family with two babies and myself getting injured was virtually impossible. So she suffered a bit. Her socialization was never great she would bark at other dogs, and was not great on a leash tending to pull. But I didn't have the time or the ability to work with her as extensively as I needed to and the strange family let her have all kinds of bad behaviors like begging for scraps. She was great with the kids though, the little one would use her as a walker, fall on her, hold her hair to help himself up and she just took in all in stride.

We then moved out of state to join the fiance she and I got a bit better at working on leash training and walking. When we would do it regularly she would excel. She had a fenced yard and was even better in the house. She refused to go outside in the rain though. We added a second dog, which she took to well.

So although she can be stubborn, headstrong and has a disturbing love of pizza, all in all, I was really pleased with out mis-represented shelter girl.

Unfortunately when my husband and I split we split the animals as well, I kept my cats, and he got our dogs. I would still go hang out and visit them for a while but I just moved out of state. All in all I am better as a cat person than a dog person because I really have a hard time giving them the time and energy I need for them to be at their best.

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