Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever Mix

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Staffordshire Terrier / Lab Mix


United States

Posted March 25, 2015

Gus was a rescue dog. We called him 70 lbs of good natured stupid, but he was crafty. He figured out how to open doors by clamping down on the doorknob with is jaw and turning his head. He looked mean and had an impressive chest and stance, but inside he was just a little puppy. Before we got him fixed, he was aggressive towards males. He bit every adult male in our family but my husband. After he was fixed, he was a little squirrelly around men but i think that's because he had been abused before we got him. He was loyal and would play fetch with his tennis ball for hours. It was his prized possession -- the nastier that tennis ball got, the more he liked it. Gus didn't like to stay indoors alone during the day, so when the weather was right we would tie him out on our yard and he would sun himself and terrorize the FedEx driver. Loved the UPS driver, but we found out later that was because he gave him cookies. He was a fantastic watch dog. If I was home alone, that dog would patrol the house all night. Nothing crossed our yard without him alerting us about it. He hated my father, though, and the feeling was mutual. We would chase my father out of the yard. But he loved my baby. There was never a problem with him and babies. Only that when they would cry, he would too. If I wasn't looking my son would grab on to his tail and Gus would drag him across the floor. He never wheeled or snapped on him. He did wheel and snap on the cat, but she deserved it. I would tell him, "Don't you touch that kitty." and pretty much he let that cat do whatever she wanted to him.

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