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My sweet crazy Timmi


64331, Germany

Posted April 13, 2014

We got Timmi when he was two years old from a german pet rescue organization. He was born in Spain, but he did not live at the streets. He grew up by a family and lived outside the house. I guess the family took him from the streets when he was a little dog, because he is a cute one. But when he grew up they saw, that a lot of grooming is needed and that he had so much energy, that he needs someone who can took more time for him. So the family was very fair and nice – didn´t abandoned him on the streets, but searched for a new home over the pet rescue organization Alba in Spain.
We worked as a foster home for the german pet rescue organization and got Timmi first as foster dog – but even when he came out of the car, he went to my son and both felt in love. And so he got a family member.
Timmi is a very agile dog. He loves to play and to retrieve every toy he has – no matter if we are at our flat or if we are going for a walk outside. He is a smart dog and good to train by using his toys or dog treats. Timmi is learning fast and good in sticking at the rules.
BUT there is one exception: He has a watch dog mentality and so he react to every sound he don´t asses as standard and than he starts barking and rage reaction. Of course, we can calm him down after a few minutes, but it bothers us and the neighbors. And it is a little bit sometimes like he is thinking, that he must take care about that the family stays together. He don’t like it, if someone is leaving the pack. For these two points I always wish for a visit by Cesar Milan.
But beside that he is a real cute, smart and funny dog. Timmis coat is beautiful and fluffy. He is the best friend of my son and he always takes care about him. There is a lot of laughing around Timmi, because he likes to do funny things. He is playing hide and seek with my son in our flat and he loves to cuddle as well.
Everyone who likes to get a Spain water dog has to know, that they need a lot of running around outside and that the coat needs much gromming.

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