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Fredrick the Fluff-Ball



Posted July 17, 2013

As I was younger when we owned Fredrick, I didn't play a key part in his training. We received him from my parents work colleague after they were unable to take him to their new apartment. My parents had always wanted a dog and he seemed like the perfect fit. He was fairly well-trained when he came to the house, however he would have odd reactions to certain people, more specifically he would on occasion bark at strangers who were of a certain race. There was no clear pattern to it, but we always assumed that it was due to something in his past.

He was fairly agile and as I remember it quite fun to play fetch with. I always appreciated that he had an energetic side, but could also relax and sit with us as well. We had a cat during his lifetime and they generally stayed out of each others way. Although he could be confrontational and protective with some strangers, we never had any serious issues with aggressive behavior to the family or otherwise as he was commonly on a leash or under control. My parents later found his grooming to be rather time-consuming, but would also say that it was worth it to have a dog with such a soft coat. When he was groomed well he was a pleasure to hug and I was always happy that he did not have a tendency to try and lick your face.

Unfortunately he passed away much too early due to relatively unknown causes. My parents have always suspected that he accidentally ingested something that was bad for him (chocolate, herbicide, pesticide) because he died so suddenly.

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