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Posted August 23, 2017

My boy Blue is an eight year- old husky, He is incredibly affectionate, funny, silly and stroppy. He is the permanent teenager of the Husky World.

I had done lots of research when I decided that I wanted a Husky - I had read tons and tons of Horror stories about how they will shred your house into tens of thousands tiny itty bitty pieces and whilst doing that will get their fur everywhere! Whilst the latter is in deed true (You cannot wear black in my house during a certain time a year) The former is not.

I find the key ingredient for a harmonious relationship with a Husky is plenty of exercise.

What a lot of people do not realize is that they are working dogs - Even though you may have raised yours from a pup - There is an instinct within them to work.

So whilst you are not giving him appropriate amount of exercise to burn his energy that he has he will find something else to do (Shred your house in to itty bitty pieces) Although you don't want this to happen, they are not doing it out of malice- They will see this as doing a job for you.

So exercise is important.

Grooming is another aspect to a harmonious relationship with a Husky - For you it will stop you from going insane at the other six dogs you imagine that you have because of the amount of fur that they shed and also just for cleanliness and comfort for them.

They have two coats and in the summer they will shed the second coat and if you don't have it under control you struggle because it gets everywhere! I recommend a furminator for a Husky as it will remove all of that dead fur in an instant.

My boy is incredibly affectionate - He loves to cuddle and I have seen that with a lot of Husky owners, He is by my partner's side every night because he wants to be close to him. He lacks any aggression (So if you want a guard dog maybe a Husky will be the wrong breed for you)

He can also be stubborn if he thinks he is in the right and believe me I have been an argument with him because he ate some bread that wasn't his to take. He will answer you back (Not in an aggressive way) but in a stroppy teenager way. If he doesn't want to go out for a walk he won't go (This doesn't happen very often) .

They are a breed in which you will get a lot of love, laughter and reward.
I recommend them highly but only if you have the right amount of space for them.
A big garden to run about in - Mine in particular likes to sit in high places because he is so nosy and likes to watch everyone.

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