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I hate shih tzus.


United States

Posted March 1, 2014

I hate shih tzus. That is the first thought that comes to mind whenever I see one (in real life or otherwise) or even think about one. In fact, I'm hating shih tzus *right now*.

I spent a great deal of time at my aunt's house when I was growing up as she was one of my primary caregivers. She happened to have five shih tzus (and has had five on rotation for as long as I can remember). They barked constantly. For no reason. They were high strung and would sit there staring and barking and not letting anyone touch them (other than my aunt). When they weren't barking, they were busy biting my ankles whenever I would get up.

In addition to not liking their nasty little tempers, I thought they smelled worse than any of my other dogs and - even worse - they constantly had drool in their fur and eye goobers no matter how often my aunt had them groomed (and she certainly wasn't lax about that).

As if all of that wasn't enough to turn me off of shih tzus for life, there was always something wrong with them. My aunt was always telling us about the latest trip to the vet, the crazy-expensive pills that she had to keep 3 of the 5 on or else they would spontaneously combust, the $3000 surgery one or the other would be needing now... oh, the list was endless. Maybe its just me, but I think pets are here to share and enrich our lives, not to bite your ankles and drain your wallet.

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