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Virginia, United States

Posted April 13, 2015

My Shih Tzu, Charlie, is a very unique dog, not like other dogs I've owned or been around.

He is social and loving, but sometimes prefers to be on his own. He does like to play, but doesn't like to go for walks or be outside.

Training him has been difficult, but he now mostly goes to the bathroom outside, as long as I let him out regularly.

For me, the best part is that he hardly sheds at all, so no hair around the house/on the furniture. He's also normally very quiet, except if thing's something unusual happening, such as someone ringing the doorbell.

He likes to curl up on me or on my wife and he gets along pretty well with my 5-year-old daughter, except when she pulls his tail or squeezes him too hard, to which he growls.

His biggest problem is with food, he's absolutely crazy and will eat anything that drops on the floor, even things like banana peels, raw onion, vinegar, even plastic or paper if he thinks it's food. We feed him in his bowl twice a day and he always eats it all in ten seconds flat; he barely chews his food at all.

Overall, I'm fairly happy due to the minimal care required in terms of grooming, furniture cleaning and exercise. I also like that he's small enough to carry in a bag and he keeps my wife company while I'm at work.

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