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Saint Bernard

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Saint Bernards really are gentle giants


United States

Posted September 26, 2014

Misty Blue was our childhood dog, and she gave me a lifelong love of this breed. She was extremely loving, gentle, and kind. I remember I would ride her like a horse and she would patiently walk around with me on her back.

Saint Bernard's ARE droolers, so be prepared for lots of slobber if you decide on this breed. They also shed a lot and need to be brushed frequently. They don't tolerate heat well, so I wouldn't get this breed if you live in a hot climate where your dog will be outside a lot.

They are extremely patient and loyal to their family and our dog loved everyone she met. She seemed to be very aware of her size and was extra cautious around small children. Of course, not every dog will have that same temperament, so I would use caution when small children are around until you see how the dog behaves around them.

Most Saint Bernard's are "leaners" (meaning they lean their weight up against you), but Misty never seemed to do that. But it would be another reason to use caution with small children around.

The only sad thing about this breed is that their life span is shorter than smaller breeds. 8 - 10 years is average. Our dog lived to be 10.

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