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The Greatest Dog I have Ever Known.


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Posted July 14, 2015

I have had the pleasure and honor to know many great dogs, and I have even owned a few, but Gypsy was by far the greatest of all of them.I met Gypsy when she about 6 years old. My husband had ordered her before she was born and had brought her home as soon as he could leave her mother. He did not have any children and lived a quiet life. He trained gypsy himself (I say previous owner in the above chart because it is the best fit). He said he never played rough with her to avoid making her aggressive. It worked. She was a very calm, confident dog when I met her.

I had two small boys when we moved in together. Gypsy was still not sure about me (possibly because I was sleeping in her bed) but she was instantly a second mother to my boys. She even tucked them in at night and checked on them every few hours. After a few months she warmed up to me. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and she would watch every move I made. My husband fed her human food as well as dry dog food. I know this is a controversial issue but the decision was already made.

Gypsy never begged for food or gave you guilty looks when you were eating. She stayed near, under the table or something, but out of sight. Sometimes we ate in the living room and my husband showed me how she could eat off of his fork, and how gentle she was when taking something from your hand. We ate out a lot as well, but we always brought back pancakes or a burger for Gypsy.
A year after we moved in, our daughter, Andrea, was born. Gypsy was especially protective of me during my pregnancy, but nothing compared to how she was with our daughter. The boys were getting bigger and she never abandoned them, but it seemed like our daughter’s arrival gave her a new purpose. People would come by frequently to see the new baby, and Gypsy made sure they stayed 5 feet away from her at all times. My husband or I were the only people permitted to pick her up. I was in love this dog.

When we left Florida and Moved to Las Vegas in 2007, we brought her with us. The kids and I took a plane and my husband drove across the country with her.
Las Vegas was a big change for all of us but she settled in nicely. We had each other which helped us get comfortable in this new world. I don’t think my family would have been able to make a real home here if she had not been here for us. Everyone loved Gypsy and her presence brought us together in spite of our difficulties.

Andrea soon became mobile, and gypsy was always by her side. I remember one morning my boys had left for the bus stop and my daughter and I went back to sleep. I came down an hour later and the front door was wide open. We did not have a front yard at that time, just a walkway to the street. There was no shortage of cats and people walking their dogs and I was shocked that she was just sitting there, alert, watching all of the morning activity without chasing anything or anyone. She was not even barking. She rarely ever barked in fact. When she did it was usually a warning to someone she thought was a threat.

I learned that this was just one more of her unique gifts. She was not a runner, even when I walked her. She never pulled me or the boys but she pulled my husband like crazy. She would look back when we traded the leash to see who she was dealing with, and adjusted her gait to match ours. I was learning to see dogs as intelligent and thoughtful beings (more so than ever before). I would not fully realize the impact she had on my life until she was gone.

When moved into a home with a yard and fence, she was in heaven. Most Rottweiler’s (she was not my first) are diggers. They dig trenches. But Gypsy didn’t like to get her paws dirty. She would move dirt with her nose, but never dig. Once, during an especially busy time for him, she buried my husband’s cell phone in the back yard, but not very deep. When he failed to find it, he bought another one. She was perplexed by this and went out to the back yard and pushed the dirt around with her nose until the old phone was revealed. My husband got the point. Priceless stuff.

In good weather, our neighbors would send their daughters over to play in the front yard with Andrea and Gypsy would always position herself at the center of the driveway, blocking the front gate. No one would get in or out. If we ever left the gate open, she would sit in that spot, resisting the temptation to chase the lesser beings that frequently passed her by.

She continued to enrich our lives until she got sick in 2011. When she passed away we were devastated. We had never really considered losing her. I always felt like we had more time. I was wrong. I have shed more tears for Gypsy than any friend or family member that I have ever lost. The same is true for every one of us.

It took almost three years for us to agree to another animal. My daughter loved Gypsy so much she talked about her everyday of her life. She is 8 now and still draws pictures of gypsy now and then, and she is sure to tell all her new friends all about her dog. We finally gave in and got a cat. I just could not see replacing her.

One day we will get another dog. I want another German Rottweiler, and an English Boxer. My biggest fear is that any new dog will not be as good as Gypsy. They might run when they have the chance, or bark too much. Another dog might be too hyper or chew stuff. I might not be able to wrap my arms around them and hug my cares away. I think I wouldn’t be able to avoid comparing them to her, and I know that would not be fair. Maybe someday I will be ready. Until then, we have the words best cat to keep us company.

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