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Posted January 28, 2015

Needless to say all dogs have their own personality aside from what independent training can control. The first rott we had adopted as a family dog's name was Diesel. (coincidentally my current adopted fur-baby's name) Diesel was a loving dog who loved to play and run. Though we had put him through professional training lessons as a puppy, and he took up vocal commands very well, he was not able to socialize with my young sister or our three cats. Diesel had to be kept with baby gates in the kitchen or in the fenced yard because he would chase our cats and jump on my young sister. Now don't get me wrong, I don't agree with the 'mean breed' stereotyping and you must consider there are just dogs who aren't social.
Ignoring the first impressions after finding Diesel a more fitting single person home within our family, a few years later down the road I adopted Slayer. Slayer was about 4 moths old and an absolute heart warmer. Though he loved to eat bathroom garbage and kitty litter he was loving and obedient (for the most part). Slayer was great around young children and home alone without having received any professional training.
As with any dog, rottweilers all have their own personalities. They are generally not aggressive but ability to act and function properly in a home with other animals or young children depend on the personality of both the dog and the second person/animal. Rottweilers are great loyal companions most especially to their primary owner. They are great small family dogs but can be compatible with any home.

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