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Alex the Back Biter


United States

Posted May 27, 2014

Alex was the most defensive dog I ever lived with - defensive of his bones. He could eat a whole beef shoulder in short order, but he liked to take his time. "Alex, if you're worried I'm going to take your bone, take it somewhere else. It's not like you're watching the movie." Alex would just be so alert and growl like he was warning us to stay away from his bone. A properly trained rotweiler is a good dog for protection. Alex and several other Rotweilers I've known were that, but with a warning. This breed will snap and bite over seemingly nothing. I wouldn't make any sudden move around one. I've stood down two Rotweilers in my life, but I would not consider turning my back when one is in attack mode. Alex was in an excited mood one day and when I turned away, he jumped at my back. Left a scratch mark and a very minor bite.

Your mileage may vary, but prospective owners of this breed should be prepared to train and control them or be willing to answer a lawsuit. In another instance, a Rotweiler walked out of his owners garage to say hi one very hot day and he let me pet him with no problem. My partner showed up in the field. He went over and got a bit too chummy with him and ended up getting nipped in the face. Maybe the dog sensed I was a bit mad at my partner and that he was wrong.

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