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United States

Posted December 3, 2013

This isn't my dog, it was my roommates in college, and he was a little, well, special.

Sleven was a rottweiler, but we thought there might have been a little Lab or maybe Doberman in him as well, as he never quite got as broad chested or tall as others of his breed, but his dominant parentage was definitely Rottie.

My roommate never docked the tail as many do, but it never hindered the pup - though it did seem to have a mind of it's own, hence my lab suspicion due to association with friends labs. He was calm and collected indoors and was ready to romp around outside - unless it was raining. The guy hated the rain and would race out to do his business and race straight back in to the porch to shake dry.

Grooming was much the same as with a Doberman by virtue of a short coat. Bathtime, however, was a challenge with this particular specimen, usually accompanied with a chase.

I always sat back on bath days and claimed to have a term paper.

Sleven took well to both myself, my roommate, and my roommates toddler and was even tolerant, if puzzled, by my cat.

I moved out about six months after the dog moved in, so I can't say much about them outside of my initial impressions, but they are loving, loyal animals that with the right training and the right environment can be lifelong friends.

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