Rottweiler / Labrador Retriever Mix

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United States

Posted December 11, 2013

We got Chief as a puppy and were told that they were pretty such that he was a Rottweiler and Lab mix. It made for a very interesting looking dog. His head was that of a Lab, but had the body of a Rottweiler. Very cute though. He was never a very energetic dog; didn't really see the fun of playing fetch. But he was easy to train and would do anything for a treat. He rarely barked, though he liked to growl at the UPS guy. He looked intimidating, but he was really a big teddy bear. He'd melt in your hands for a good ear scratch. He didn't like to be very active, so we actually had to watch this dog's diet to make sure he stayed healthy. He was very good with the cats we had and would often be found snuggling up to them at night. He was also very good with kids and was very loyal. In his old age, he had a lot of hip problems which made stairs nearly impossible. He was the second of three dogs we owned at the same time and he definitely took on the role of middle child. The other two were much more energetic and instead of letting that encourage him to be more so, he took it as permission to be more lazy and mellow. Overall, he was a great, laid back dog with a big heart.

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