Rottweiler / Doberman Pinscher Mix

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Posted April 1, 2013

I lived with my roommate when she got Dante as a puppy and for the first year and a half of his life and he was just the cutest puppy. He hit all his milestones, house trained, walking on a leash, socialization, all of it was golden. And oh boy, he is a huge dog now. This guy is going to weigh something like 120 lbs when he's fully grown (both of his parents were huge, father was 120lbs and his shoulder came up to my hip, his mother was a sturdy 90lbs or so)

From what we can see he's just naturally friendly. He walks up to new dogs and says hello like he's been trained to, when little kids rush up to him to play with him (before thier parents freak out because he's a big scary looking dog) he wags his tail and lets them pet him and try to climb all over him.

Meeting new dogs in the park is perfectly fine with him, but can be a problem if he's with smaller dogs. Not for the smaller dogs he's with, but with big strange dogs because often they don't know how to be gentle with little dogs. Dante has been known to give a warning growl if a big excited dog makes my Chihuahua scared or makes our other friend's weiner dogs yelp. (Again he's probably so good with little dogs because my own 7 lb chihuahua was there for his entire childhood.)

He's a really bright dog. He really loves treats and praise and will learn tricks for either of those things. When he was an adolescent he had a bit of trouble with walking (nipping at your clothes sort of thing) but he's since grown out of that.

Honestly I would recommend this mix of dog for anyone. He's big enough and sturdy enough that kids won't be able to hurt him unless they're actively trying. He's smart enough that he'll pick up what his job is in any given situation. And best of all he knows to take care of the people and pets around him, but to not go crazy if accidents happen.

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