Rhodesian Ridgeback / Great Dane Mix

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Roadie the Rhodesian Ridgeback


United States

Posted October 4, 2013

Roadie is a mutt of several breeds. Her body looks like a Ridgeback, but she is Great Dane sized, and she definitely has some Pit Bull in her too (her jaw is big enough to easily hold an adult man's whole fist with room to spare).

Despite how scary she sounds, she is the gentlest and most loving dog I've ever had in my whole life. We suspect this is because she was abused by at least one former owner, who had treated her extremely poorly, including letting a leg be broken and never set which has caused her problems to this day.

Her grooming needs are virtually non existant, she is as smart as a whip, and fiercely protective of her family. The one drawback she has is her sheer size, which is mainly related to her other breeds I believe.

Her tail is like a huge, muscular whip for example; one time, we had a display case that held wine glasses hanging upside down at about waist height. Within about a week after getting Roadie, a few glasses had been shattered as she wagged her tail walking by. She's -huge- (she is about 3.5' high standing on all fours, and at one point weight almost 180 lbs, but is now at 140).

I recommend this breed to anyone who likes big, active dogs that are devoted and protective.

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