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CooCoo for Coco


United States

Posted December 4, 2014

There was gentleness in her eyes. Off all of the puppies she was the calmest and most obedient. While her sibling romped around in the yard, she stuck close to her mother’s side and allowed herself to be trained. Her name was Coco.
Coco was such a sweet smart dog. She was alert to any alarming noises, but only barked when necessary. Especially notable was the role she played when her mother became pregnant with a new litter.

I walked outside the morning after the new puppies were born to find Coco in the house with her mother. I was going to scold her, thinking she was harassing her. Then the mother dog left the house. That’s strange, I thought. The mom was always quick to scold her and her siblings when they got out of line. Later on, I saw another of the older dogs in the house. The same thing happened much later. Then I realized that they were actually babysitting! They took turns in shifts going into the house to look after the babies while mom went out to potty or just took a nap. It was really a delight to see the way they cared for their new family members and the mom. Even dogs have need for support during major life changes! Of all of them, Coco was always on hand ready to come at even the smallest peep from the babies.

As a terrier, I found Coco to be a prime example of what these dogs are known to be like-smart, intelligent, playful, yet loyal. She had a serious side when necessary and always stood firm to her resolve to protect her humans.

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