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Miniature Toy Poodles


California, United States

Posted July 19, 2012

When someone begins talking about Mini Toy Poodles, you tend to see eyes roll. These little guys have a bad reputation and I am here to fix that! Although I have never owned this breed, my neighbor owned 2 and I was constantly dog sitting and playing with those little poodles. Although they do bark, usually seeing other animals or when the door bell goes, they are generally quiet when they are at home with their owner(s). Despite their size, they are the most lovable little dogs. My neighbor told me that she originally had one little girl, Ebony, but felt that a companion would be nice. She added Ivory to the mix. She constantly said that having two was much nicer because if she needed time by herself, the two dogs would keep each other busy. Feeding these guys is relatively cheap because they barely eat anything! However, vet care could get a little pricey. Their size also has a bad downfall. Owning these dogs is going to require dog proofing your home. My neighbor had a couch that was too tall and Ivory jumped off and broke her little neck. Unfortunately, she passed away. My neighbor was completely trainwrecked because these little guys will definitely make a home in your heart! Also, children above the age of 8 would be prime. These little guys are delicate and kids just love to squeeze! Not a good combo!

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